We have 20 years of experience working with patients who have been injured. Rest assured that referrals to other health care providers will be made to ensure you get the best care possible. In addition to knowing what to do for you body, we are well versed in the documentation process associated with Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation cases. Your care may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments/spinal manipulation
  • Extremity manipulation
  • Therapeutic modalities, ( dry hydromassage, electric muscle stimulation and massage therapy)
  • Therapeutic exercise instruction
  • Modification of activities of daily living for home and at work
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle changes

Elise was in an accident that total’d her car. She came in immediately for a treatment regiment and to this day, has suffered no lasting effects from the crash. She credits chiropractic with being a primary remedy in her health.